ABATE stands for A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments.

If you think this doesn’t happen in Idaho, guess again …

Idaho law enforcement targets motorcyclists daily, based solely on their appearance or the type of motorcycle they ride. Clubs, sport bike riders, or individuals, no one is immune.

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Freedom of the Road

If you believe, as we do, that motorcyclists in Idaho should be free from restrictive laws and regulations and not be targeted by law enforcement simply for their appearance or the type of motorcycle they ride, you belong with us.

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Make a Difference

Do not believe that laws affecting motorcyclists in Idaho are inevitable and unavoidable. We can make a difference, but only if we make ourselves heard by legislators.

The last 30 years have seen the progression of the nanny-state from lawmakers. The only way we can stop this in its tracks as it pertains to motorcyclists is to be involved.

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Apathy is the root cause of loss of rights. Be aware of the legislative actions that may impact your life in a profound way. One of the missions of ABATE of Idaho is to track issues at the legislative level that may affect Idaho motorcyclists.

You can help us fulfill that mission by becoming involved. When you learn of something that might affect you, pick up the phone to your local Representative or Senator. Write an email. Write a letter (we do, often. snail mail is not dead).

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ABATE of Idaho is not anti-law enforcement. We strongly advocate for anti-profiling legislation to stop the discrimination against motorcyclists simply for what they choose to wear or what they choose to ride.

Claims that profiling is necessary and useful in the effort by law enforcement authorities to fight street crime are patently false.

Such claims by some state and local law enforcement personnel were in large part responsible for the defeat of the latest ABATE-led attempt to pass anti-profiling legislation in Idaho.

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Help us stop profiling in Idaho

With progress at the national level against profiling of motorcyclists (see this), the State of Idaho, great as it is, is behind the times in protecting the rights of its citizens against misconduct by law enforcement. Work with ABATE to correct these injustices.

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How to Handle a Traffic Stop

David Devereaux (Double D) and Attorney Stephen Stubbs (Bowtie) discuss how to handle a traffic stop, what police can and cannot do, and constitutional law. Applying US Supreme Court cases that are valid in all 50 states, Double D and Bowtie explain how to curb motorcycle profiling and properly defend your rights at a traffic stop.